Have you been a victim of ERMS – a secret blacklist preventing some people getting jobs?
2017-08-15 04:07:37

Opinion: I'm glad that I found this thread, because I've been suspecting something for a while, and all I get from recruiters is a denial. It is by pure luck that I have found this thread. So, I guess I will make my story public, even though it's an old one. A few years back I worked for Newcrest Mining doing I.T Support FIFO on their Telfer operation. One night, after going to the gym, and eating, I went back to my room only to go to bed and find that the room was full of bull ants. Had a pretty sleepless night, but reported it to my manager the next day, who got housekeeping to attend to it. Went back to my room the next night, strange smell of onions in the room, that was at about 10:00PM. Woke up at 2:00AM, literally drowning on my own saliva. Honestly, it was like being water boarded. Coughing up lots of crap, spent the next day in the infirmary on oxygen. Medic banned me from flying, so I was sent home a few days later. Was called up the following week, and advised that I'd been fired. Their story: 'A guy in stores had filed a complaint about me'. No details about the complaint, all they told me was that the guy in question 'had red hair' - I never saw one ginger in my time on site. I still have issues with my breathing to this day. I cough a lot, I've never ever been a smoker, I have excellent lung volume, I used to dive. But any of the big 4 that I try to get employment with, I never hear back from. And there are several recruiters who simply just ignore me. This is fucked; WE are the ones who have been done wrong in this. But if it benefits the government, or lawyers, nothing will ever change. AJ, 15/08/17

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