Ultra-supercritical coal-fired power station in the North is viable
2017-11-13 03:30:03

Opinion: Another site https://www.energycouncil.com.au/analysis/queensland-swotting-up-on-coal/ "has reported that In assessing the post-tax cash flow for the project with a 10 per cent internal rate of return (IRR) it noted that the only scenario to exceed the IRR was the base case with a high electricity price ($75/MWh)". So his proposed project will only be viable if consumers continue to pay high prices for their electricity. The 2017 price is $93; 2016 $60; 2015 $52 /MWh. A new coal fired power station needs favourable high prices for the next 40 years to be viable. It also needs to be certain that a carbon price will not be applicable for the next 40 years. A high efficiency low emissions USC coal power station emits 773 kg/MWh. At a $30/tonne carbon price that would add $23/MWh to the $75 break even price it needs. There are new renewable energy with PHES storage generation being built at the expired Kidston mine site west of Townsville and at Lakeland Downs between Cairns and Cooktown and an existing wind farm west of Cairns and others in development. The Kidston project is conditional on a $400 million transmission line being built that will unlock 2000Mw of renewable energy for North Queensland. The ANU has identified 1700 potential sites for pump hydro storage generation in Queensland. Glynn Palmer, 13/11/17

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