First image of new North Queensland coal power plant revealed
2017-11-14 03:54:46

Opinion: About high-efficiency low emissions (HELE) coal-fired power station, in particular a proposal in North Queensland. To the individual who even questioned “moribund or just plain apathetic?” seems to have the mindset of the Same Sex Survey, or the Dual Citizenship fiasco, “as long as you agree with me, we’ll get along just fine.” People have opinions and they are entitled to voice them without fear of reprisals or angry and physical protests. Peoples thoughts, fears and concepts may or may not have changed about Same Sex Survey, Dual Citizenship or renewable energy and HELE coal driven power stations. Many people’s opinions have changed, because they have educated themselves and possibly learned a thing or two. I have. So, to question “moribund or just plain apathetic?” No. Well done WattElectricaNews.

Martin Akehurst, 14/11/17

Note from the editor: The person who mentioned "moribund or just plain apathetic" were themselves expressing an opinion.... And the opinion was around the fact that when there are things which one does not agree with, especially when they are disputable - how come most from this whole readership stay quiet? In that sense he was making a valid point as are you. That's what opinions are - each person's personal thoughts on something and for WattElectricalNews to have any value for its readers we need more of this, not less.

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