UWA probing FIFO mental health
2017-11-23 04:41:14

Opinion: With FIFO issues, many of the individuals who choose and decide to work on FIFO or DIDO are currently still enjoying most of their careers out there for years now. These people have undergone psychological, mental and physical tests which means everyone who passed the tests are fit to work. The mental health issue has been developed through personal problems, family matters and relationships / financial issues, being away from their beloved friends and families, physical health and fatigue, misuse of bad substance, excessive drinking of alcohol, bullying at work and other means like that. If so, they are really not the right candidates to take as FIFO or DIDO workers due to their bad habits. Many or majority of the companies have provided FIFO workers the basic needs such as free board and lodging, amenities, food, cars and bus going to/from work and flights. Possibly in my observation, it is due to long work hours imposed by many companies where this affects their daily lives. Forcing them to do the long daily hours of work while paying them high salaries. 23/11/17, Gary

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