OPINION: Rejecting clean coal is like scoring own goal
2017-12-21 12:16:31

Opinion: Some problems with this article: 1) Carbon capture and storage is a non-existent technology - there is no facility anywhere that has 'captured' even 1% of the output of a big coal powered station. The federal government has already wasted millions of dollars on trial plants that have been abandoned as useless. 2) According to the owners of a Japanese HELE plant the CO2 output was cut by 17% after deploying this technology. That is not 50% as claimed in this article. 3) Shouting "ideology" when anyone mentions renewable energy sources is ridiculous. It's not ideology that set AGL on its proposed path with Liddell but an assessment of future profitability. I am not sure why News Corp has such an obsession with coal, but the abuse of their virtual monopoly over Australian media to continually support the mining, exporting and burning of this toxic material verges on criminal. Jeremy Brown, 21/12/17

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