Engineers in Australia facing bad times? Or is this a hyped up statement?
2018-01-03 06:33:33

Opinion: Dear anonymous Its easy to do things within your control. In terms of one's career - do you feel everything is within your control? So I had a situation where in working for a large corporate, I'd spent 3 or so years doing great work while also aligning myself to the managing partner of a global leading consulting practice. One fine day he resigned early because he found out someone in his family had a life threatening disease. It was a small section I was in of around 8 people and all my political capital was spent with this Managing Partner. When he resigned, someone else took over and his philosophy was completely different, in fact so alien to everything presently being done and a culture diagramatically opposite to mine and that of the previous Managing Partner, so much so that I decided to leave the company soon after. All that great work thwarted due to something outside my control. Now you may say I could have stayed on (as that was in my control) but does one need to sell their soul to maintain their career? Will that make anyone happy? Another instance is where you are working away and doing all the right things ..... Then your company is taken over by a company based in China, India, US, in fact it does not matter where from and the Head Office decides to bring in several of their guys from there to head up your division. What control do you have of your career progression then? And so on and so forth with multiple examples as to when things outside of your control take the career off to a tangent. And not all of this can be planned. Ray Pavri, 03/01/18

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