Have you been a victim of ERMS – a secret blacklist preventing some people getting jobs?
2018-01-29 06:44:07

Opinion: Further to my post on the 17th, I filled out the form and emailed a copy to them, and was then told it had to be an original, which I sent back the same night. I emailed on 22nd to make sure they received it and they did, then I was informed that I was in the queue to be processed. Today I received an email saying that they had found a match in the system and that it will cost $73.40 to be issued with the information. The only payment options are either by cheque (who writes cheques these days) or by Money Order. So off to the post office on the way home to organise it. Seems a lot of delay tactics from them in trying to get the information. Will update again when I get something back. Cheers Joanne, 29/01/18

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