OPINION: Shorten can’t be miners’ and greenies’ best friend
2018-03-06 12:48:42

Opinion: Bill Shorten tries to serve several factions, and does what he is told. Goodness knows what his own views are, other than a passion to get the PM job, doing anything to achieve that. The issue with ALP is that a few large unions, run by people who are essentially thugs, call the shots. Liberal Party is likely to hand government to ALP or ALP Greens in coalition if as I expect they lose as few as 1 or 2 more seats. Barnaby Joyce had shamed the Nationals, but they will hold most of their seats. Libs could lose 10-20 seats and it could get very tough in. Australia over next 5-10 years, when financial issues come to the fore, and family structures are already weakened by general slide in morals, even without the impact of new types of family structure becoming more common. Expect depression and substance abuse to increase as people look for easy relief from deep seated feeling that somethings are not quite right. All against a backdrop of externally imposed austerity when our creditors start to impose their will in order to safeguard their investments in loans to our government and banks. Higher interest rates due to lower ratings is like a headwind, that saps the energy of a cyclist over time. Geoff, 01/03/18

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