Firm has trouble finding tradies
2018-03-06 01:43:48

Opinion: As long as AU is not ready to employ workers from overseas, they will never fill the gap for qualified workers.Companies must always be ready to upskill workers, if they are not providing training whom do they expect to train the workers for them.Employees are not only attracted by money but the training and growth potential that is provided, increasing salary rates by a mere 6 or $8 is a foolish solution.Most companies are chasing workers away by demanding additional licences and certificates. As long as applicants are tradesmen with at least two years experience they deserve consideration.It is the duty of the company to upskill them to the level they require.Companies are now too smart for the employees.If nothing is done urgently there will always be critical shortages for the next 100 years and the nation is not going to develop to its maximum potential. Savious Louw, 02/03/18

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