Have you been a victim of ERMS – a secret blacklist preventing some people getting jobs?
2018-03-06 01:58:08

Opinion: I too think I'm on a black list. I assume I'm on because of being sucked in by my last employer's policy, see something say something. I questioned a few jobs I was asked to do that I knew were unsafe. Job was given to 457 worker, who gladly did the job or should I say reluctantly. This opened my eyes, because I started taking note that most of the jobs that was deemed unsafe, guess who was doing it. Night shift is where all the unsafe and bullying occurs. Take note of the type of people mostly on nights or doing work that you and I would not do. To me ERMS is bigger than we think. There are many more people than we can imagine on the blacklist. To me this is what justifies hiring foreign labour. They don't complain and take it without lube though not all. Some of us are not even on ERMS but employers don't have to give a reason for rejecting your application. I myself am guilty of doing jobs I should not have done, but since having a injury, it has opened my eyes as to what's going on around me. People are losing their jobs, for cartons of beer, trips to Thailand for Supervisors, whiskey, cars for heavily discounted prices and much more. Construction workers are the least likely people to complain about bullying and abuse. I'm 1 of the suckers, we need a # me too also for construction workers and stop this systematic victimization. Stand Up, 05/03/2018

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