Hundreds of jobs, but where are the workers?
2018-03-19 01:35:24

Opinion: Great speech Daryl perhaps you could give us some examples how you and your organisation have contributed to the skilled work force, how many apprentices have you directly employed over the last 10 years at great cost. I suspect none, all of these parasitic body hire mobs have done nothing to contribute to the skill pool they just take other peoples costly trained workers and sell them to the highest bidder not unlike street walkers. The join a conga line of the like minded suppressing wages and offering no future to those forced into servitude for their profit . The sooner this parasitic industry is extinguished the better. Once removed real companies that actually build things and have more then a mobile phone and dingy office will start prospering again and employ apprentices Take note mining companies you created this and you can fix it just start using real companies with a commitment to their industry

John, 17/03/18

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