Beyond robots and foreigners: finding blue-collar Australian jobs
2018-04-03 07:24:46

Opinion: Very nice article but failed to address the elephant in the room Its the cost of energy. Why would any energy hungry industry like steel,aluminium or say alloy casting businesses want to do business in Australia. The whole debate about energy has been kidnapped by a bunch of left wing activist that have absolutely no compassion or basic understanding of weather science or the little impact that man has on it We are a country with huge resources in iron ore, bauxite, coal and gas and yet we cant even with modern technology build and operate a plant in competition with countries like India and China that couldn't care less about carbon but do manage some how to hoodwink the rest of the world and the snowflakes that run it into some sort of semi compliance with the Paris accord . Australia should have the cheapest energy on the planet and all those industries who have energy as a major cost of business should be thriving here creating wealth and employment for generations to come. When, and if we ever get a legitimate government in this country that challenges the very loose and morally corrupt science on climate change were doomed to be just a quarry and a farm. It seems to be that to be a socially accepted occupier of precious space in Australia whether it be a corporation or an individual if you don't join the screaming lynch mob in condemnation of all that we have created as a developed nation you are heretic and let only the brave stand up to the angry illiterate lynch mob. Whether it be Immigration or indigenous issue or climate change its all being run by the same civilisation hating gang. Perhaps its time two things happen. First, how about the conservative government and the industries that need energy start putting up a some sort of fight instead of cowering in the corner like some beaten human devoid of any character or spirit. And second how about a properly funded Royal Commission into man Induced Climate Change, so once and for all the scare mongers and their financial backers can be put under the spotlight and cross examined by those that really do understand climate. Nobodies like professor Christy or Plimer or the thousands of other scientist and institution like the Hartland Institue that are creeping out of the bomb shelters to express their dismay at the untruths and hysteria being promoted by the well paid and funded advocates of the greatest scam ever to be trust upon mankind . In generations to come our children and grand children will look at us from their impoverished third world existence and ask, "What Were You Thinking ! John Burns, 03/04/18

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