ERMS Blacklist WhatsApp Group Set Up By WattElectricalNews
2018-04-18 05:29:39

Opinion: After a decade of frustration and depression type existence, I am relieved to find this. I arrived in 2006 from a big third world country. In 2007 I was hired as an Instrumentation Engineer in Aker Kvaerner after a lot of struggle and was excellent in my work. I found the constant use of F-word related humor in workplace, which I very much disliked. This was done by much older folks within the company. Then they started spreading rumors that I was getting married whenever any lady employee approached or talked with me. I have never had any intentions either way, as always I am respectful and professional. When it was too much, I told them to stop it. Since than all of a sudden, I became a non-performer. That bully ignored all my work, stopped getting work to me, stopped listening or acting on it as well, so that I would eventually end up a non-entity. I am sober, humble but not a taker of injustice to myself or not to anyone else. This person played dirty games while at work. Heren, 18/04/18

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