Have you been a victim of ERMS – a secret blacklist preventing some people getting jobs?
2018-04-18 05:35:38

Opinion: All I can say is Australian corporates are full of blood-thirty vultures, and cowards to the hilt sort of people. They send emails via no-reply addresses when they reject you, they do not pick up calls, they do not give any feedback, they hide behind anonymous curtains ruing lives of scores of innocent citizens and alike, Even people, Prime Minister, Ministers, elected representatives of the Governments, Police all do have accountabilities but these whores and scum of corporate Australia has none! No accountability, no checks on and of their actions! They are totally given a free-hand and takes all laws into their hands illegally! Seen the ATO scandals recently? They are the prosecutor-jury-judge-executioner all-in-one to ruin someones life! Better suicide and end life rather living a life of misery and spiteful pity of these damns bastards or better, leave Australia and go to US (which has won independence) or any free country. Australia is too suppressed, too enslaved people who can't even take a criticism, rest aside anything constructive! Blacklists exists in black countries where people are afraid, are made to afraid. I wish I want to die rather being unemployed so long discriminated and blacklisted by this vultures! Then they can freely toast and feed on gorge on my dead body and have ultimate satisfaction of destruction. It is hard to find anything good in this country's corporate culture. Ruined for ever. May I RIP.

EDITOR's NOTE: Please talk to someone about it. You can email me at raypavri@wattelectricalnews.com if you'd like to discuss this further. Also get support now if your situation is urgent and you’re concerned that you or someone else, is in immediate danger. Call your doctor, a mental health crisis service or dial 000 and say something. Other services include: Lifeline 13 11 14 Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467 beyondblue Support Service 1300 22 4636 Mates in Construction on 1300 642 111 Kids Helpline 1800 551 800 Anonymous, 18/04/18

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