Former EnergyAustralia exec says electricity retailers are unethical
2018-06-07 10:22:30

Opinion: What about how the Energy Companies are dealing with landowners with a power line on their properties? They take away all our property rights but no one wants to know about it yet it is as big a form of corruption and conflict of interest as the Banking Inquiry yet everyone is avoiding the issue. Grabbing land for nothing and making rules up so they cannot be kicked off when they do things wrong. Yet in W.A. Westernpower's only shareholder is the State Government and they claim there is no conflict of interest when they make these rules in legislation without consulting Landowners. Use land for nothing and then make profit. That doesn't sound the right thing to do does it? But they are doing it and our Premier and Minister do not want to know about. God help us all as this State goes down the gurgler. Tony Ealing, 07/06/18

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