Have you been a victim of ERMS – a secret blacklist preventing some people getting jobs?
2018-07-03 04:36:12

Opinion: My employment was terminated in 2015 for raising awareness about my work place being non compliant. My management were actively bullying me with intimidation, threats, false allegations that only eventuated out of my original complaint due to reporting the poor work environment they had to failed to address on several occasions. This finally escalated to Senior Management as my managers had now become aggressive to the point that I felt in danger for my safety. This happened over 6 months where I was excluded while the investigation was pendeding where management constantly turned my evidence into a counter attack avoiding resposibility. Several other managers tried to persuade me into dropping my case which I was deeply angered about and I escalated this to the FWA which instantly resulted in an adverse reaction terminating my employment. I then had gathered supporting evidence to prove they had colluded and had failed to provide a safe work place, not meeting the safe guards that any reasonable manager would take and implement to create and foster a safe workplace free from harm. I also had evidence to prove they had deliberately made my life extremely hard by not replying to my national employment standards query a flexible arrangement or reasonable adjustments to raise my child with a flexible roster. They were responsible for misplacing my annual leave requests and stealing my phone, being corrupt, asking for booze to accomodate such requests and several other allegations deliberately delaying my case, refusing me access to the location to gather witness statements. Sadly I tried to internally keep this under control in good faith to give them a fair opportunity to gather facts however they demonstrated absolute unprofessionalism at all times and it will come to attention in due time as I will be working with several firms to bring the truth to light. So to all you people black listed,can you please forward your cases to splurgemils@gmail.com please headline all cases BlackListed and I will review and respond and its vital that you provide all the relevant information but withholding company names as I wish to not punish any company until conclusively facts can be determined. No guarantees but I look to fast track a class action on any entity holding information that is false and incorrect and subject them to a royal commission to expose the hardship, pain and suffering that has caused struggles, self harm, death and various mental disorders. Have faith. If anyone withholds evidence, it will be demanded by subpoena and any person responsible will be summonsed to provide persons, companies, contractors and various others being held accountable and subjected to legal, media and other means to address this issue. Lets say no to work place bullying like this. Please let me know of any other information in fast tracking and making successful lodgement of this case. Please note also people who have won cases or lost, please do not be afraid to help stop this happening. I know many of you have suffered like me and I hold my deepest respect to you all for standing up for your rights and now your rights are going to be a unified voice that echos to top of government and media to demand the stop of this injustice. Be strong and without giving false hope, this is only going to happen with the support of you all contributing. I am sure you are all passionate about such a Land Mark Movement. GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR BEING UNIQUE. splurgemils@gmail.com; 02/07/18

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