Whistle blower: Labour hire workers are scared to complain
2018-07-27 05:20:56


The labour hire companies squeezing the worker by keeping their roster lean. Cant get a full roster but every site I go to their are new workers being employed and lots of immigrants. I jump across to a 2nd company to fill my roster and there are lots of new shirts from my original company. No performance issue - so why keep hiring and not fill our rosters (there is quite a few like me I know of). When I watch some of these new workers who cant speak English hesitate to sign their name, I wonder what fake name are they working under ie getting around the 457 working Visa cutbacks implemented by Mcgown. Look after your own first big business before there is nothing left in Australia. Labor I hope you get in and sort this casualisation of the work force out. Cary, 27/07/18

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