Mining skills shortage is a fiction the industry must address
2018-09-10 09:33:40


Unavailability of workers is a ferefy (false news). I feel there is not only discrimination of race or colour but also age. I am now 63 and have been gainfully employed in the construction industry since 1984. I have struggled to obtain or retain work for the past 3 years. They say they cant get people because of the work to life ratio. I was doing the hard yards when there was no ratio as there is today. The living conditions were ridiculous compared to today's standards. Older workers are usually more reliable and just want a steady income until retirement. Most companies don't respond to applications and if they do they only state you weren't successful in this instance. No voice contact or feedback as to what the advertiser was looking for in particular or what is need to succeed. After 30 years in the game I have just about done everything and yet I'm not qualified enough in my present role as a supervisor. Go figure. Greg Wilton, 07/09/18

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