Mining skills shortage is a fiction the industry must address
2018-09-10 09:35:57


I fully concur with the general message in this article. I started with onboarding process late Feb - left a casual job with the goal of flying out first week of March as advertised and mentioned first phone conversation. By the time I jumped through all the hoops, completed all additional inductions required (not many as I already had most) then giving the girls in the office a nudge, I finally flew out end of March. So I am 5 weeks without pay - it was like following a trail of bread crumbs. Grateful to have a casual job - the money is ok, but i really do have questions around the whole onboarding process and the subsequent treatment. In excess of 25 years in leadership I can honestly say it is not how I would treat people I employed. Then again as a casual we arnt really people are we - just a number. Cary, 09/09/18

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