Engineering Professionals - Is your industry association doing enough?
2018-09-10 09:37:05


Good Day Ray, Repeated claims appearing in the media about the impending shortage of engineering professionals is farcical. I joined a Perth based international consulting engineering company in early 2011 as a graduate after completion of Masters in Electrical Engineering. My '4 year graduate program' was terminated prematurely with the demise of the mining boom 2013. I was helpless and floundered from door to door in search of an opportunity. The ignominy of joining the unemployment que was heart breaking and adversarial attitude of Centre Link only added to my misery. Whilst searching for an opportunity, I volunteered to help an organisation that designs equipment for individuals with physical disabilities. I ran out of funds to sustain myself after an year and decided to try my luck overseas and went to UK. I have now worked with Arup and Associates on Data Centres in Europe, Balfour Beatty Group on Buiding Services, a local Consulting Engineering Company on Building Services, Imperial college on Jupitor Space Program for the European Space Agency and now with Scottish Southern Electricity Board on utilities. It is now 4 years since I left home in Perth. I return to Perth regularly in forlorn hope of a job opportunity so that I can support my aging parents. I feel that we have squandered the opportunities created by the mining boom in securing the future of 'our young engineers' that could help adjust the sails and navigate us through the storm of disruptive technologies comfortably well into the future. May be I am a dreamer ........but then, without dreams, there is no hope. Misinformation about skill shortages should be banned and the industry should be proactive in addressing the requirements for diverse competencies as the nation progresses. Narendra Tailor, 06/09/18

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