Renewable power darling Carnegie Clean Energy hit by a wave of shareholder discontent
2018-09-25 03:32:01


The concept of CCE would possible work with more time and government support , but the present management team is not up to the task to bring it to a commercial product , possible under a different management team separate from the tech side. The salary of the CEO is way over the top seeing as the CEO of Fortescue metal is on $480,000, a year and this CEO of CCE on a one cent share is on excess of $750,000 a year . Could possible be called milking it .I was at a share meeting in Melbourne a couple of month before the sale of EMC which on that day he talked up the benefits of EMC within CCE , possible at the same time the company was in the negotiation of selling EMC for the tax benefit to gain more ARENA money.All ready two executive have jumped ship and i wait to see if they land on the JAG board of directors ?I have already called on Labor if Murdoch allows them to win the next election , to have a Royal Commission into the share market and stock exchange and break up the boy's club and tighten the rules under the ICAC that they promised to implement if they win government .Corruption in this country is like a smell in the air ,starting where a politician can be a minister one day and a lobbyist the next in the same area of his previous portfolio as minister in government. Go back and have a look at a mining company called Western Desert in the NT several years ago and see that the board did well but not the share holders . CCE is finished although i hope not , unless it is taken over by a real company with the expertise both in financial management and company Darryl, 25/09/18

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