CQ labour hire worker 'unfairly dismissed' from mine
2018-10-03 10:53:55


Labour Hire Agencies are scammers - I was sent to a Mining job in Admin. I was told $30 an hour - 12 hour days. The contract was only for 2 weeks. I questioned penalties and was told I did get them. I asked for it to be forwarded in an email..Whislt in the employ doing accounts - I noticed an invoice from the Labour hire for my time...The invoice was for approx. $5,000. I received close to that for a two week period. 3 months later I get a letter saying I was overpaid and they wanted it. What became obvious was that they were taking my penalty rates from me. I received 3 letters regarding this and threats to go to Court to reclaim it. I ignored everyone of them because I knew I had it in writing and had information regarding the original invoice. They offer you a minimal amount from the employer, they keep the rest. Every labour hire company Ihave dealt with I amware that they constantly tell you BS and the employer to make themselves appear justified and to be kept in good measure with the companies. THey constantly tell you where they want to put you, even whilst multi skilled.. Labour Hire companies are a way to hide what really goes on behind the scenes with employers requesting discriminatory aspects. Good luck with the Labour Hire compahies apparently this is the way the country is heading towards Robotic Engineering that pulls names out of a database. If your resume does not have the key, favoured words by HR it spits you out : Some of these systems are Bright People Technologies (ERMS) that have over 3500 companies on their database, Page Up, Smart Review and many many others...You sign a paper re: Privacy etc. If you don't sign it (that includes Labour Hire) you don't have access to their jobs. Next time people read the fine print re: Privacy. All of this information is saved away in a data base, with Bright People Technologies who've been running for about 20 years. Each application goes into them and they check to make sure you have dotted all the I's and crossed all the T;s. Any small error takes you out of selection. There are also characteristics in their that place in a "Blacklist" category.. That is why there are SO MANY "UNSKILLED workers in Australia Dee, 03/10/18

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