Miner wants workplace agreement axed for more ‘efficient’ terms
2018-10-15 10:58:35


If the workplace agreement is lost, the workers will lose for the rest of their working lives. Rio Tinto workers lost their workplace agreement and they are one of the lowest paid mine workers in the Pilbara. 2018 the company made over 7 billion and the workers got a 10% cut on their bonus. A Rio fixed plant operator bonus is approx 4,750 net, a FMG bonus is approx 14,000 net so who do you want to work for. Rio cheats it’s workers every year while management eats the cream $$$. There is absolutely no way you will ever be able to negotiate a pay rise for you and family. Your pay is linked to the CPI and you spend all year loosing money then get a rise 3 months after the start of the year then spend the rest of the year loosing it. It is no wonder RioTinto workers are joining the unions in droves, all because of a management driven by power and greed and the shareholder. Even when the company has done so well it’s the workers who runs the plants and pits who management looks at to cheat and steal wages. No money, no future that’s the Rio way Leigh Willyams, 15/10/18

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