Have you been a victim of ERMS – a secret blacklist preventing some people getting jobs?
2018-11-12 05:06:34


Hi all, I appreciate Wattelectricalnews making this page for me it's been the only real information that isn't written by some HR person somewhere. It's even some what comforting to know that it's just not me that has been dealing with a very similar story. A story that has seen my three children go with out birthdays or have opshop toys bought for Christmas presents, my relationship continually stressed to breaking point. I can't put my finger on any particular time that I began finding it extremely hard to find employment however it was immediately noticable after my business of 10yrs became insolvent and i need to find work in my trade. I recently began to research the ERMS database or more specifically the "secret labour hire blacklist" after getting to the inductions and then the day before being told the job is cancelled or having the interview and to all appearances seem to be a great match to the job criteria as well as a good rapport with the interviewer only to be ghosted completely. Yesterday after reading this page I looked up ERMS and found they now offer a online service for individuals to access your own ERMS file. https://cited.com.au/enable-erms-report/ After jumping through a few hoops and paying the fee I waited for my report to come in to finally find out if its true, if the blacklist exists. This morning, literally 12hrs later I get a phone call from Bright People stating that my name doesn't appear anywhere on their data base, which I don't understand since I've applied for many jobs through many companies the use their data base and probably many more that I'm unaware of. So in short follow the link get your report or at least get your self deleted from their records. **funny thing, as I sit here writing this comment I get a phone call for an interview for one of the big Australian companies that use the ERMS system...……….. Will keep you updated. Ashley, 12/11/18

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