ERMS Blacklist explained
2018-11-16 12:04:14


I’ve heard a couple of things. Apparently you can pay $80 or something to have it wiped / cleared. Apparently some mates have done that a while back. If anyone knows exactly how, that'd be great for everyone who has been unfairly put on it. I’ve also heard you can get the union to stop companies accessing your information. I was told that you cannot change the information, but you can however have your Union stop them accessing your information. But what happens then is, any company requesting my information will receive an email stating "said Union has taken out a legal Court ordered injunction preventing us from releasing the required information". Which puts you in no better position I guess. Also that you can use your middle name (you are well within your legal rights to do this) which creates a new profile in the system. But proving ID at the next stage when asked for tickets and licences I’m not sure how to get around. And that if you are flagged, it’s for 4-7 years! It would be good to know if you can find out exactly what client / contractors use the Enable ERMS system? Would be helpful because I won’t waste time applying with them. Is it mostly WA / NT major projects? Construction? Or Maintenance? Offshore? QLD? If anyone knows a list of companies that use it. Laana, 16/11/18

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