Big coal wants consumers to pay for fixing its pollution problem
2018-12-24 10:38:32


First the big fossil fuel producers pollute the atmosphere, then in order to continue to do so they want us to pay them to build and operate the refineries required to capture and sequester / store the shit they have produced in the past and want to continue to produce into the future.. WHO IS TAKING THE PISS HERE? I for one am not as green as I am cabbage looking. I said in past postings on LinkedIn and Watt Electrical News - WHO WILL PAY FOR THIS CARBON CAPTURE IDEA ? Well we now know they want us the tax payers to. A far better Idea would be to use the latest Co2 energy and fuel conversion technologies to produce usable energy, fuels and products from the Co2. These technologies are available NOW . And are already cost effective and getting more so by the day... As are also the Alternative / Renewable energy sources many of them now are actually MORE cost effective and co2 negative / neutral than the fossil fuels they are designed to replace. But big coal and big oil are not yet ready to completely transition to renewable because they left their investment transition too late and like Shell are still in the process of working towards the completion of the transition to renewable having only just started investing in renewable in recent years due to shareholder and investor pressures. Bill Gates for example is backing a company in British Columbia who have developed a plant to take atmospheric Co2 and turn it into a carbon neutral liquid fuel that can be used in any existing car truck,rplane or similar vehicle. Why? Because A; you are taking Co2 from the atmosphere to create the fuel. B; planes for one can not be made electric yet! C; the infrastructure already exists world wide to distribute this fuel. No need to build more power stations for electric vehicles. No need to build a new distribution system for Hydrogen vehicles. There is not 1 only answer to the co2 capture and removal problem. Or the alternative / renewable energy / fuels / systems. But a need for a combination of many. Another system to produce useful products from co2 is using photosynthesis to break it down to produce methanol and new products many of which are presently made from fossil fuels. THE LIST INCREASES DAILY AS THE DESIRE TO CUT CO2 GAINS MORE TRACTION. But as long as big oil and coal can still see money in their products they will drag their feet. As far back as 1981 SHELL already knew the effects they were having on the worlds atmosphere and how the were contributing to the green house gases and what was going to happen. HOW DID THEY KNOW THIS ? Because a confidential study that SHELL themselves had commissioned outlined all this information. And yet they chose to bury the report and ignore it. Watt news featured the report as a breaking news item and provided a link in the news item to the full report. Which in itself has links to other similar reports on many of the other big oil companies. Happy reading to those who are interested. David, 21/12/18

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