6 Renewable Energy Trends To Watch In 2019
2019-01-30 10:42:37


The problem is that the Governments cannot let their interference go. A lot of big overpaid jobs will go and we will, the people will invest in renewables cutting out the public sector and big Corporations and the overpaid executive staff. I now have a 6kw Sunny Boy and Sunny Boy Island with new Lithium Batteries I can use all my appliances, the bore, hot water system, pressure pump . Grid power should of been dead years ago. You learn to appreciate science and the limit of your power. My wife doubted Solar Energy and is now hooked on it and everyday she goes up to the shed to check on her computer how the power is going. So now we are adding another 4 KW with larger Lithium batteries making our system 10kw with enough storage for about 3 days with an automatic genset back up. The cost is less than a connection to the grid of $30,000 for us and no bills! What are you all waiting for. No water charges for rain water and no bills for electricity maybe then no Public services lording over us! Cheers Terry Ealing, 30/01/19

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