Casual workforce a ‘threat’ to mine culture, says industry expert
2019-02-04 09:50:01


Been mining for a number of years working across 3rd tier to TOP tier companies, they ALL have one thing in common, they really do not care about staff. Finishing the last 5 yrs with Rio I witness how senior managers went all out to protect their bonuses by forcing staff to stop, fill out safety book before starting on any job no matter how small. Do you really think a contractor would do this, no because Rio has no loyalty to it’s own staff let alone to a contractors so why would a contractor care. 92% of Rio staff have no future in the company and if you are over 45yrs you are dead to them and the Contractors are the same. A landmark court case was won last year by a contractor, case was won by him as company fired him with no reason but court ruled he was the same as a permanent employee working the same hrs, same roster, same duties and he was paid out, I think he had worked there for 3 yrs so a major case for all Contractors so really well done. Yes all the companies want throw away workers and that’s why the Rio staff are joining the unions in droves and management don’t have a clue as they are so divorced from their employees and worry more about the bonus and as for the CEO who advertises himself as JS which really means Jack Shit he is only for his bonuses, last yr Rio made billions and dropped the staff bonus by 10% but no manager lost anything. So are the companies there for the staff, absolutely not in any way at all and same for the contractors. Join a union. Cheers Pixie Pixie, 04/02/19

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