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Watt Electrical News began providing news, projects and jobs aggregation for electrical folk about 8 years back, commencing on 7th July 2010. It has been a free service since then. We have saved you - our readers, the time you’d otherwise spend in locating and accessing relevant news on a daily basis. Time which our 83,573 users in 2018 (see below) were able to utilize for other pursuits whether that be work or fun. WattElectricalNews spends the time & effort at our end, to ensure our news, projects & jobs on a daily basis are relevant in relation to what’s affecting your industry. Because of our efforts, you do not have to sift through various sources each day, every week, all year, separating the news relevant to you from the crap one generally gets.

WattElectricalNews now feels that we have reached a point where a small contribution is being asked from our readers.

This will amount to no more than $2.40 weekly, which is less than the cost of a coffee each week.

It is a small contribution, which is fair to you our readers and to us, so that we can continue to not only provide what we already do, but to improve on that. We aim to elevate what we offer you, with the appointment of relevant journalists to cover your industry, bringing you original ground breaking stories. This could include stories in relation to bullying within the various industries, or the abuse by recruiters in treating candidates as fodder, or highlighting the issues FIFO folk have in remote destinations. It could also mean stories on the impact of automation on industry and what can be done about it, the trends towards renewables and the impact this will have within the traditional power industries. We would be able to provide original articles on the renewed calls to government by industry claiming labour shortages (which is nothing more than rubbish, especially for those still unhappy about their jobs), or the treatment by oil & gas companies of staff who have increasingly been casualised and much more.

Our regular news, project and jobs aggregation service and the new original content will be complemented with a coaching and mentoring program to help you along your career paths.

This pricing mechanism for WattElectricalNews will commence from 1st January 2019. But be assured, you will be getting all of what you’ve received to date plus a whole lot more through this small contribution.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for the past 8 years to get us this far.

Let’s now work together to give you and your industry a voice, and to continue to provide a news service which represents your industry – for something which won’t break your bank, but which will ensure we can continue to serve you long into the future.

May I also take this time to wish all our reader a happy, fun-filled holiday season.

Best regards

Ray Pavri, Managing Director, WattElectricalNews


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Wattelectricalnews.com is an on-line media site created by Ray Pavri for those with an electrical background. Ray has had over twenty years of experience in all things electrical and has done a lot of work to help industry and its participants across Australia. This site is a free service providing daily updates of news, upcoming projects, jobs, opinion pieces from those on the ground and a communication mechanism between those from within various industries having an electrical background. WattElectricalNews has over 10,000 subscribers visiting this site regularly so if you are someone with an electrical background and wish to connect with others with a similar background like you this is the place to be.
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